Hello! I’m Emma Trevayne, author, cyborg, shoe collector, music fiend, and dog owner.  Thanks to accidental and fortunate overexposure to William Gibson novels as a teenager, I write cyberpunk for young adults. Thanks to my refusal to believe Narnia and Hogwarts aren’t real, I also write middle grade fantasy. I have eight novels and one anthology of short stories either published or in the process of being published.

When not writing, I’m watching cycling or tennis on TV, listening to music, reading (of course), cooking, or walking my horse-sized dog around London’s many parks.

If you have any questions about me or my books, please use the contact form on the site or get in touch with the relevant publisher.


P.S. The cyborg thing is not a joke. I set off metal detectors.

What's with the metal detectors?

I have a machine in my head. Seriously.

Will you ever write more books in the Coda universe?

As much as I love those characters, I think they’re happier now being left alone, not being tortured by me.

Will you ever write a sequel to Flights and Chimes and Mysterious Times?

This is actually the question I get most, I think. The answer is ‘probably not’ but if I do, it will be called Floats and Moats and Adventurous Boats and will feature a clockwork octopus.

Is your dog really that big?


How much do you write every day?

It depends. Sometimes I struggle to get 15 words out. The day I finished my first novel, I wrote 12,000–a feat I have never managed to duplicate. An average “good” writing day for me is probably in the region of two to four thousand words that I actually like.

Can you teach me how to be a writer?

No? I remain unconvinced that it’s a thing which can truly be taught, and I’m even less convinced that I would be a good choice of teacher. My advice boils down to, ‘you have to do it because you love it’ and believe me, you really have to love it. I’m pretty good at critiquing things that have already been written, and I’m available to hire for that, but I can’t teach you how to love something.

I'm a big fan, will you send me a free copy of one of your books?

First, I’m grateful that you’re a fan and you want to read more from me! I’m sorry, though, I can’t send free copies to people. For one thing, the postage costs would be murder, and for another, authors only get limited numbers of their own books. What copies I do receive are reserved for giveaways, library donations, and other very specific situations. If the book is already out and you can’t afford to buy it (and I get that! I can’t buy all the books I want to, either!) please request it from your local library. If it hasn’t been released yet, and you review books for a blog or website, please contact the publisher to request an advance review copy.